Making music together is a unique and very satisfying form of interaction in a group of people. It can give you an enormous kick! It is not important how much musical experience you have, even if you have no musical experience at all, you can still participate in a workshop. The size of the group is also not important in relation to the organization of a workshop. The Rumbambola band members have more than twenty years of experience in giving percussion-workshops, vocal percussion workshops and ensemble workshops to all player levels, beginners as well as advanced students. All kinds of musical instrument-players can join a workshop. And, if necessary, we can provide percussion instruments for the group.
In a workshop a group of people, that are more or less familiar with each other, form a band for the occasion. The main theme of the workshop could be: Afro-Cuban music, Brazilian, African or Caribbean music. The emphasis in the class usually lies on playing consistently as a group, listening to each other, timing, and creating a steady groove. It is sometimes possible to divide a group into two or more sub-groups. Accordingly several workshops can be organized for one group. The workshops can be concluded with a festive final presentation.
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