Aty de Windt
Bassplayer/singer/tresero Aty de Windt was born on Curacao. Making music is a family tradition for him. He is a very experienced musician, and he played in numerous Latin-American orchestras and bands. To name a few: Monquito El Unico, the Tony Shearman Band, Edsel Juliet 'Saljuco', Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Ensalados, Cita Con El Pasado, Siete Potencia and many others. Aty is known for his enormous swing and playful creativity. He is the driving force behind several successful orchestras. For years he was bandleader of Perla Negra, featuring Jasmin Salveedra. Aty sings and plays the bassguitar in Rumbambola, as well as Babybass. This instrument gives the band a typical and authentic sound. Aty's basslines are the groovy backbone in the music of Rumbambola.
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