is a group of veryexperienced musicians that have played Afro-Cuban
and Carribean music together for over twenty years. The repertoire is a dynamic collection
of self-arranged traditionals and original compositions written by band members.
Rumbambola are:

Peter van Marle: piano & vocals
  Michael de Miranda: timbales & vocals
   Martin Gort: conga's & vocals
    Aty de Windt: basguitar, babybass & vocals

On occasion the Cuban singer/percussionist Oscar Loriënt Vedey joins the band as a lead vocalist
Rumbambola can play in a larger or smaller formation. On request a horn-player can be added
to the line-up. The band is flexible; they can play loud as well as whispersoft.
Rumbambola is a band for every age group, for every party, reception, or any other occasion.
Our music is good to dance to, and interesting for listeners too. We like to do concerts,
and we also love to accompany dance workshops.